Quality Female Condoms Manufacturers www dahuilatex com

Quality Female Condoms Manufacturers  www dahuilatex com

Female condom, www dahuilatex com non latex female condom, polyurethane female condom

The female condom is a pouch about 17 cm  in length. It is worn by a woman during sex. It entirely lines the vagina and it helps to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. 


1. it's made of high elastic, high strength, and soft polyurethane film, without holes and no virus can go through. it's well stable for store.

2. it's half thickness of male condoms, good touch feeling and sex life feeling.

3.special structure design and widely protecting area can prevent from infecting each other and protect the partner. its function to provent infection of STD/AIDS is better than male condoms.

4. special designed inserting tool make the female condoms to be easy to put into Vagina by herself or her partner.

5.beautiful design, dumbbell pattern, suitable to female physical structure.

6. men free from unconfortable stress caused by male condoms.


Product Origin:China  
Model Number:52  
Brand Name:Enjoy Love  

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